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Create your profile with a few clicks and get listed on our “Sailor’s Directory”, the ultimate destination for the entire sailing community.
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Create your profile with a few clicks and get listed on our “Sailor’s Directory”, the go-to destination for the whole sailing community.
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Boost earnings on any boat you join as crew by being listed with a high crew rating. If you’re seeking your next sailing opportunity, let the industry find you and make the connection.
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Make all your services count! Our crew rating program allows guests to review their experience sailing with you at the end of their trip. Over time, your reviews will be valuable in providing a good reference for your potential clients.
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Your references matter. Boats with higher ratings will always have priority on the listings page. This means the quality of your services can determine future earnings for boat owners you work with.
Pair your account with boat owners and manage bookings easily on a single platform.
We want to make life easy for you, your hosts, and guests. This is why we offer instant group messaging tools for efficient communication and coordination. Chat logs can be used to resolve any confusion on agreed terms.
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Connect with millions worldwide who share your interests through our Sailor’s Hub, where hosts seek the perfect crew for their next adventure.
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Need a reliable teammate with good references? The sailor’s hub is the perfect place to discover for your next teammate.
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Upon joining and receiving positive reviews, your profile ranking will rise. As a Super Crew member, you’ll receive top priority in our system, ensuring consistent visibility for both your personal profile and your boat listing.
Matchmaking service
We are among the largest communities for sailors and boat owners. Once you establish a robust profile with reliable references in our system, our "Matchmaking" team will introduce you to boat owners you may be interested in partnering with.
Earn more with our referral program
Upon joining our community, you’ll receive a "Crew ID Code." By referring guests to our platform, you’ll earn a base 5% commission, with the potential to increase up to 10% as your program level rises.
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